Generating Spatial Structures via Form-Finding

The course aims to introduce students to form-finding, as a sustainable approach to design form-active structures characterized by the interaction of geometry and stresses. Interactive lectures encourage design experiments with structurally rational forms which under the influence of loads, define their shapes of equilibrium.

Generating spatial structures via form-finding is an elective course in the first year of Master Studies of Architecture. The course aims at architectural students to develop a deeper understanding of a structural problematics relevant for architectural design and to acquire skills of form-finding methods and techniques. The course also introduces students to the potentials of applying scientific methods and tools - modeling, simulation, experiments in design research. Teaching methods include lectures combined with methods of active learning, practical work assignments, research of literature, and learning through the project.


Generative Design | Shape-active Structures | Form-finding methods and tools


MASA-11020-07 _ IASA-47020-07

UTI Structures

tutor: dr Jelena Milošević